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We offer a wide range of services to go along with the service and dedication that helps us keep our clients returning. Please take a moment to look through some of the services listed to get a feel of what we do and what makes us stand out from the rest.

Family Sessions

There is no need to wait for a special occasion to have professional pictures done. Everyday is special enough for it. If you haven’t had family pictures taken within the past 3 years, find time to do it. We have no guarantees in life, and sometimes just getting together with family or friends and and making a day out of it is a good enough reason to do photos.

Friends Sessions

Everyone has a close friend that you love spending time with and being your true self around. Lets get together for a fun session that you both will enjoy, and give you a reason to let your real personality show through!
Plan a fun filled shoot, maybe do a 80’s theme, water balloon fight or just be yourself, something fun and memorable! Photos of best friends or close families should never be ‘all serious’ – have fun and enjoy yourselves, that’s the best part!

Couples and Engagement Sessions

In Love? Engaged or just seriously ‘dating’? Couples photos are all about focusing on the couple. This is a time for you and your significant other to be relaxed and have fun, goof around and just enjoy life, together, and we love to capture that.
If wedding bells are in the near future, we can design ‘Save The Date’ cards for you to give out once you pick a date. An engagement session is included with ALL wedding packages so if you choose to have us shoot your wedding after doing an engagement session, we’ll credit the cost towards the ceremony.

Bridal Sessions and Wedding Ceremonies

While we appreciate the traditional style of photography, we prefer to capture weddings in a modern, unique way, special to your big day. We are dedicated to capturing everything from the little details to the once in a lifetime moments.
We truly understand the significance of your wedding day, and want to capture what is important to you. We also have a unique benefit that two of us will be shooting your wedding, so we really can be in two places at once and can capture both the Bride and the Groom’s events leading up to the ceremony without there being any awkwardness.

Commercial Sessions / Services

Can your business or event benefit from a photo shoot? YES! Whether your business sells a service or a product, or you want to boost the online social media interaction of a photos catch people’s eye and helps convey the information more quickly. Doing a pre-event shoot for a special event can even help boost the advertising and promote it more than you would think.
We currently service numerous high-profile companies in the area offering individual portraits, candid photography of formal & informal events, holiday parties, seminars, webcasts and workshops.

Just as we offer a wide range of non-commercial shoots, we also do a wide range of commercial shoots. We are more than able to do on-location shoots at your event or in your business, as well as product shoots in the studio.

Children Sessions

We are kid friendly! Do you have a hyper kid? Not a problem! Does your child love to run around screaming to the top of their lungs? Great! Our standpoint with kids is simple – Let kids be kids! Their energy will make them shine and show their true self in the photos, so we encourage it!
Many other photographers/studios either don’t have the patience or are not set up to be kid friendly. It’s hard to expect children to be on their best behavior all the time. We are totally opposite – we actually encourage kids to be themselves. We are more than willing to do shoots on location, such as at a park, playground or anywhere else – even if that means that WE get muddy also! Oh, not to mention that our studio is kid friendly as well.

Maternity and Newborn Sessions

Yes, we do maternity shoots. Although 9 Months can seem like a long time, once it’s over, it’s over. There’s no going back and capturing the beauty and peacefulness of your baby safely tucked away inside of you. Father-to-be and brother/sister-to-be are more than welcome to be present/included, if you wish.

If you are currently expecting or planning a baby shower for someone, we’ve got something special that we do for those expecting!
We don’t just stop with maternity and skip up in age range – We are also able to accommodate newborns, infants and toddlers as well. It can’t be stressed enough that the first year of a baby’s life will see the most changes, and we would be honored to capture those little moments before they slip away.
Once your precious little one arrives and you want to do the newborn photos, we are extremely flexible and have no problem working around their schedule to do the photos. We’re more than happy to come to you and do them so the baby stays in their comfort area. We are more than willing (and expect) to spend a extended length of time with you and the baby. We understand that as far as babies go, there’s no such thing as a time schedule. We’re more than happy to allow time for feedings, diaper changes, and general breaks if you or the baby needs one!

Junior and Senior Sessions

Our goal is to provide you high quality, personalized Junior/Senior portraits without having to take out a small loan for them. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to have first rate photos for a very reasonable price.
We know that your Senior year means spending money for a lot of different things, from your cap and gown, to prom, even trying to figure in the first year cost of college. You should not have to settle for the ‘plain jane’ photos that look like everyone. With most schools in the area offering basic packages that start upwards of $250 – its obvious that some are in it for the money.
If you want to spend that kind of money for a few photos, the same poses and background as everyone else, we respect that. We would rather provide you with more shots to choose from, several real life settings and locations, as well as give you the chance the express yourself for who you really are, not to mention save you a few hundred dollars in the process.
Whatever your true passion is, whatever look or style you want to do, we can make that the main focus of your session. Be it anything from doing a specialized shoot with your car/truck, horseback riding, sports or whatever your interests are, we have no problem getting the shots YOU want.

Non-Profit and Volunteer Services

As our schedule and workload permits, we are more then happy to assist Non-profit and Volunteer Organizations (501(c)), Local and Community events and other special case events. Please feel free to contact us if you have a upcoming event that you’d like us to be at!