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5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Photography

Have you already exhausted all possible Christmas gifts out there?

Photography sessions make incredible gifts. For your girlfriend, wife, mother, and grandparents, in particular. If you give your girlfriend or wife a photo session as a gift, she will be OVER THE MOON. Your mother and grandparents will not only be ecstatic to be a part of one, but they will also treasure the images in frames throughout their home for many years to come. This gift may also excite the men in your life, particularly your father. When it comes to photos with their children or grandchildren, dads are utter mush balls (most of the time). This is also an excellent gift for a couple (maybe they recently purchased a home, expecting a baby in 2022, need some new photos for the frames in their home? ), your daughter or son (do they need new pics with their boo? New headshots? A session with their beloved pet?), or even your parents as a fun activity for them to do together. You may give a photo shoot to your boss, in-laws, roommate, sister, or anybody else. Who doesn't want to update their photos?

  1. Photography is a gift that lasts.

With all the trendy gadgets, fads that come and go with clothing and accessories, it’s hard to find a truly classic gift that stands the test of time. But with the fun experience of a portrait session with a professional photographer, the result is a set of artfully edited portraits that capture the most important things in life–love, family, friendship, joy, and the sweet simplicity of enjoying the moment with loved ones.


2. Photography is an experience, not a thing.

Our closets and garages are packed to the brim, and every year when we do our spring cleaning we vow never to go shopping again. So why give a gift that will be enjoyed temporarily and then put away in an attic after it’s no longer being used? When you give a portrait session, you are giving an experience. One in which the recipient is the center of focus and can later see themselves in the best light.


3. Every portrait session is customized!

I work closely with my clients to guide them on choosing a location and wardrobe. I like to spend some time before and during the session getting to know them so that I can capture the true essence of who they are.


4. A portrait session is an original gift.

Giving the gift of a portrait session is not cheap. It’s a thoughtful, artful, original, genuine experience and results in family heirlooms that last for generations. For these reasons, it’s not something that is given or received often, but when it is, it is a gift of love.


5. No wrapping required!

If you dislike wrapping gifts as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this.


If you are interested in giving a loved one the gift of a portrait session this year, shoot me an email!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all!


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