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Marina S Book Portrait-7.jpg

Marina Scott, Author

Laimis is highly professional. He also knows his craft. I called him because I needed author photos, and he immediately suggested a few location options with great lighting. He’s funny and easy going and always makes sure you feel at ease. His professionalism and approach to photography is phenomenal. Laimis knows exactly how to capture the correct lighting and at what angle to make you look your best. The pricing was reasonable and the work was done on schedule. I’d recommend Laimis to anyone who wants to have amazing photos for a great price. He’s truly the best!


Sigita Jura, Event Planner

I’m an event planner and had a pleasure of working with Laimis Urbonas on a gala this fall. It was a complicated job for photographer with guests arrival shoots, photo wall, individual table pictures, VIP captures, musical program and many more other details. And Laimis was on top of all! He was present all the time, got amazing shots, pleased our guests with their requests, took amazing pictures of musical performance and delivered the pictures in a timely manner. Not to mention his wonderful personality, great sense of humor and very friendly, but professional approach. Communication before, during and after the event was easy and smooth. I highly recommend Laimis for your photo shoot, you will not be disappointed!


The photographer Laimis Urbonas' name Laimis comes from the same Lithuanian root as the word ‘happiness’. Indeed, it is a pleasure to know Laimis as a person and as a professional in his field. Laimis is an example of how much can be achieved in one's personal and professional life without waiting for favourable circumstances to arise. Laimis actively creates his own life and is an extremely brave person. Perseverance is one of Laimi's multifaceted character traits. Perseverance and hard work led Laimis to many photography exhibitions. Laimis is now at the peak of professionalism, when life experience has been accumulated, and he has wisdom, strength, desires, and creative potential. Being with Laimis is never boring, because he himself does not tolerate boredom and is extremely open to innovation, tolerant, curious, actively interested in the world, people's way of life, nature, culture in a broad sense literature, classical music, art, psychology, national heritage. This is also reflected in his photographs. There is no unknown area for him. Diversity and openness to the world are the hallmarks of his photographs. Photographer Laimis has no prejudices. It allows him to be open to the world, open to new experiences. It frees him from unnecessary thoughts, the phenomenon of preconceived denial of another person. He would never deny in advance a phenomenon, thing, or person unless he tried, seen, experienced, tasted or familiarized himself with that. This is how he moves forward discovering, experiencing and envisioning new ideas for photography. Laimis discovers more and more new people through his ability to communicate, the ability to create a dialogue with another person of any age, the ability to tell stories and listen sincerely to the other. Photographer Laimis observes the world through the camera lens. Not only does he notice details invisible to others, but he also creates his own separate worlds, being able to see, convey, create and share his creations with others. We just have to understand what he wants to say.

r&t sm-1.jpg

Laimis is a great photographer. He helped us with our family pics two years in a row and we were both times very happy. He also knows so many interesting places in Chicago area to shoot.....highly recommended


Very professional service! The photos turned out excellent, and whole experience was wonderful. Laimis is very charismatic, and put us at ease during the photoshoot. My daughter hates to be photographed, and during the photoshoot she was very happy, and looked well in the photos smiling from ear to ear.

Ballet dancer body photo session Chicago-24.jpg

Paulo Rodrigues, Ballet Dancer

I worked with this photographer a while ago and the sensitivity in the photographic vision that he has is simply unique. The ideas that he has about using the human body combining the geometry and art of a dancer body forming unique and original figures is simply incredible the result in the photos. I'm a fan of the work of this first class photographer.

Family Photo Sesion Baby Mom Dad Sons-4.jpg

Photo session with Laimis was like a breeze, because of his professional approach, attention to details and his passion to photography. I would definately recommend his services!
We will hire him again for family and business needs!


I’ve recently had the great pleasure to work with Laimis, as both his model for a Christmas shoot and also as his assistant for a photo shoot. I absolutely loved working with him!!

Laimis has commitment to satisfying his clients preferences and takes time to review this in preparation of the shoot. I have been impressed at how relaxed and comfortable he makes his clients feel which helps to give the best of themselves for great photo results. The final outcome is achieved through a passion for his work and time well spent getting it right for delivery.

Thank you for your art, Laimis!

Women Business Portrait Photo Sesion -2.jpg

Lizette Zavala, Life Insurance Agent

Great quality pictures, awesome photographer. I contracted Laimis for my business pictures and it was the best experience I had. Laimis made me feel so comfortable and confident!! The pictures came put phenomenal!! Very professional!! Definitely recommend.

Event People Wedding Party Photo Session Chicago-5.jpg

Laimis was the photographer at our wedding. My husband and I were in awe of his work. The day was special and now we have memories to last a life time. He made pictures out of most specials moments and we didn't even have to pose for it. He is so professional and never tired to get that special shot. We are very happy with his work and our friends are all impressed once they see our pictures. We highly recommend him for any occasion, since I have seen his other pictures as well. Good job, Laimis!!

Paulo & Bruna-12.jpg

Bruna Chebile, Ballet Dancer

Verry professional service! His work is amazing! I loved the way he made the photoshoot, I was really comfortable at the studio. He is a nice person! Hope to meet him again (come to Brazil!!!) !


Laimis Urbonas is a conscientious and professional photographer. His relentless pursuit for perfection reflects in every frame he captures through his camera. Laimis has a hunger and respect for understanding new places, cultures, and people and that's what I love about his photographs. I recommend his art - it is global and so relevant in today's world.

Egle Ivanauskas-28.jpg

Beautiful life moments captured through the lens of Laimis Urbonas create lifetime memories. Thank you, Laimis!

Ballet dancer body photo session Chicago-49.jpg

Jacqueline Moscicke, Ballet Dancer

So easy & comfortable to work with...also great studio atmosphere!


Audrius Remeikis, Photographer

Laimis helped document a sad moment in my families life as my younger brother past, he captured the many faces of family and friends who came to pay their last respects. The images are timeless and helped the family remember all those people who cared for my brother. Laimis was very professional, responsive and a true photographer, blending into the background.


Xingchen Chen

Fabulous!!! This is the word for his photography. He is not only skilled at taking picture, and he knows the city very well! If you have never come to Chicago and wish to take a tour and taking amazing photo in Chicago, he would be your best choices. Even if you are coming for multiple time, I still think he would be your best choices, because some of the amazing places I've been with him is really hard to spot unless you are really familiar with the urban scenery in Chicago. I am not quite good at choosing spots or gestures when taking photos, but I am sure that with Laimis, you don't need to worried about these problems~~~

Worth it~~~!!!


Professional service and Amazing Photos! Start to finish the whole experience was amazing! Laimis provided not only great photos but exceptional customer service ~ Affordable pricing. Great experience and highly recommended!

Thank you L

Emily B-58.jpg

Emily Bergstrom

I can’t say enough good things about Laimis. I usually feel kind of self conscious when getting my picture taken, but within moments I felt so relaxed with Laimis. Something about his soul is so gentle and loving, I just sensed that I was in good hands and was able to forget about the camera and simply be myself. He listened carefully to what I was looking for and why and delivered so many wonderful compositions where I really liked how I looked.
I once paid a really similar amount for just a headshot with a different photographer. With the other guy, I stood uncomfortably inside a studio for hundreds of shots and I walked away with one that I liked. Compare that to my time with Laimis - he and I spent a lovely 90 min walking around downtown talking and trying some different things. The time was so low-stress and pleasant and then I loved every shot he sent me!
I share Laimis’ name with anyone I know looking for a nice picture of themselves. Give him a try! I bet you will enjoy!!

Visata bio-1.jpg

Visata Rupeika, Photographer

Laimis is not only a wonderful and talented photographer, he is also a great business partner as well! He definitely has a way with clients and its always a great time when working with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional and outgoing individual for any of your family or business needs.


Luis Eduardo, Ballet Dancer

Laimis was versital, Professional, and easy to work with. Was very happy with the final result.

Family Studio Kids Photo Sesion Chicago-1.jpg

Audra Januskiene, Catering Services 

I had a photo session with my children at Laimis Urbonas Studio. It was a wonderful experience. Laimis is a very communicative and friendly person with a professional attitude. Although the session was lengthy, we had lots of fun and laughter while posing. We are very happy with the results of the shoot.

Family Studio Kids Photo Sesion Chicago-8.jpg

Our family has had two sets of portraits taken over the years .Laimis is a true artist - but probably more importantly to us , he can make his subjects feel at ease and trly enjoy the photo session - leaving us with natural , happy , SPECTACULAR family photos which we all cherish.

Alexia and Noah Logo Small Resolution-36.jpg

Laimis has done family photos for me, corporate photos for my husband and he beautifully captured our courthouse wedding ceremony. He is the only photographer I will call in Chicago. He is artistic and creative and his work is stunning.

vaida logo-10.jpg

Vaida Sleiniene, Real Estate Broker

I am very impressed with Laimis art work and how professional his photography and work ethics are. He has a talent to show the character of any person, find the most amazing spots for the photo shoots and make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, which could be challenging for some. I do recommend Laimis if you need a professional head shot, family reunion photos to remember, weddings or any other occasions.

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