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5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Pet Photoshoot

We all love taking photo's of our pets. Scroll through my camera roll and you'll find it's 80% photos of my dogs! Whilst these are lovely memories, they aren't going to cut it if you're looking to print your images or turn them into a piece of wall art. Whether they’re blurred, badly lit or you simply never get round to printing them, photo’s taken on our phones aren’t taken with the same attention to detail or to the same high quality you’ll find at a professional pet photoshoot. As a professional photographer, I consider every aspect of your photoshoot, from lighting, composition, colours and getting those expressions from your pet, to really show them in their best light and create something you can treasure forever. Unfortunately, digital photographs are also often lost over the years and we lose precious memories of our furry best friend.

Booking a professional pet photoshoot ensures you have beautiful high quality photographs of your pet that will stand the test of time, as well as being a fun and memorable experience for you and your pet.

Believe it or not, being a pet photographer isn't just playing with puppies all day! (Although that definitely is a perk!) There's lots of elements that come together to ensure you leave with images you truly love, which makes pet photography a worthwhile investment.

Our Pinot
  1. Photography is a skill.

One of the main reasons to book a professional photographer is to achieve results you can't achieve yourself. Photography can take years to master and requires a large investment in equipment. It's so important to me to only deliver high quality images to my customers and I have built up years of experience, education, expertise and equipment ensure I can provide that. This doesn't end once the photo is taken! Each image is then edited in detail to ensure it is perfect. This can include removing sleep from eyes, loose hairs, removing people/hands, and enhancing fur and details to show your pet in their full glory.

Those eyes

2. It’s tailored to you.

Another bonus of booking a pet photoshoot is that the images can be truly tailored to you. Whether you want your photographs to fit in with your decor at home, feature your favourite colour or include your pets favourite toy, I will work with you to create something you will love. Every detail of your photoshoot is carefully considered. You can pick any background color you like, from bright & colorful, to a classic black or white. If you have a specific idea or props in mind, such as flowers, I'm always happy to discuss how we can incorporate those into your photoshoot.

Bella and Ginger

3. It’s more than just a photo!

In a time where everything is digital, I feel it's so important to print our images. Digital images are so easily lost or left on a USB and forgotten about in a drawer. Seeing your beautiful pet in print or as a stunning piece of wall art brings a whole new level of excitement! I want my clients to get enjoyment from their photo's every day, whether this is through a huge piece of wall art, or a beautiful keepsake box you can keep on the coffee table. Choosing artwork can be overwhelming which is why I aim to make it a fun and exciting experience. I've hand picked a variety of amazing wall art and printed products from professional print labs across the US and overseas, with something to suit all tastes. I have physical samples of everything I offer so you can really see and feel the quality of each product and be confident in your decision. I tried and tested many professional print labs to find the most stunning products that I truly love and know you will to. Of course we all love to share phot of our pet’s on social media, which is why for each printed image, you'll also receive a digital version.

Stunning artwork ready to be displayed on your walls for years to come.

Stunning artwork ready to be displayed on your walls for years to come.

4. You’re creating special memories

There are lots of special moments and milestones throughout our pets lives that we like to remember. We all love looking back at puppy photos and remembering how small and adorable they were! They grow up so quickly so booking a photoshoot in the first few months of your puppy's life ensures you'll always have beautiful, detailed photographs to look back on. Sadly, other times we might realise we don't have enough good photo's to remember our pets by, is when they are old or coming towards the end of their life. Capturing some beautiful photo's before they are gone can be invaluable and a creates beautiful everlasting memory of them. If you’re worried you may be short on time, please get in touch as soon as possible and I’ll always do my best to accommodate you.

Liūtas and his family

5. It's fun!

Lots of pet owners worry a photoshoot will be a stressful experience and that their dog isn't well trained enough to achieve good photos. The truth is, your dog does not need to be well trained at all to achieve amazing photo's! I have plenty of tips (and treats!) up my sleeve to ensure we get plenty of photo's for you to choose from. Your dog's happiness is my main priority so my photoshoots are relaxed and fun. If your dog is a little shy or nervous, we might spend half an hour playing with a ball before we even take a photo to ensure your pet is in a happy and relaxed mindset. I have lots of patience and take as long as is needed for your dog to feel settled.


If you would like to discuss booking a photoshoot for your pet, I would love to hear from you. Or if you are interested in giving a loved one the gift of a pet portrait session this year you can get in touch shoot me an email!


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