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5 Tricks to Taking Memorable Christmas Photos

Christmas is the most awaited holiday of the year for many people. Regardless of how many gifts Santa brings, the Christmas season is a wonderful time for families to gather together and show how much they care about one another. With these five tips for capturing outstanding Christmas photos, you'll be able to capture all of the important moments.

  1. Before and After

Moments make up Christmas. With before and after photos, demonstrate the transition between them. Before the kids arrive, take a photo of the gifts placed under the tree, and then take another once the wrapping is undone and toys are thrown around.


2. Gift Opening

As your children open their gifts, be sure to capture their individual emotions on camera! Try setting your camera to "continuous" mode so you don't miss a single expression.

Remember to acquire amazing detail photos, such as hands prying on tape and trailing ribbons, after you've gotten lots of emotion shots. You can also attempt alternative perspectives, such as from behind and above, if you have a willing and patient subject.


3. Thank You Pictures

Pause your little ones whenever they unwrap a gift from a relative or dear friend. Snap a picture on your phone showing their excitement, and text it to the gift giver with a thank you note.


4. Remember the Details

All of the fun, quirky, tiny moments that make up Christmas memories. Remember to photograph the small details, such as your spouse's bed head, footie pajamas, and small children drinking milk with a striped straw.


5. Join the Fun!

As apprehensive as many photographers are about being in front of the camera, the reality is that looking back on these Christmas photos in years to come, you'll be sad you're not in any of them. So, every now and again, hand the camera over to your loved ones so they may snap some photos of you unwrapping presents, straightening the ornaments on the tree, or sneaking that last cookie Santa forgot.


Preserve your Christmas memories in custom photo book or calendar. I am here to help you just shoot me an email!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all!


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