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8 Reasons Why Photography Makes A Perfect Gift

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

When thinking about gifts, we want something special for our loved ones. Something meaningful, memorable, and useful. Photography can be all of that and even more, whether it is for your sister who has never had professional photos taken, a dear friend expecting a baby in 2023 or your own family overdue for beautiful images. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect Holiday gift for family, friends or colleagues in Chicagoland, I’ve got you! Here are 8 reasons to give the gift of photography:

Perfect gift

1. A unique gift that lasts a lifetime

The photos taken during a professional session are unique and will represent a priceless gift for the person to whom you offer it. Indeed, the photos will always be there and the memories, engraved in memory!

Dad and son

2. Photography is an Experience

In the material world we live in, it’s not easy to find a gift that stands the test of time. That’s where photography comes in: it is an experience, not a thing. Photography and memory are almost synonymous, and photos are guaranteed not to end up in the attic. When you give a portrait session, you are giving that someone the memory of a whole slice of their life – and of you, who made it happen.

Portrait session

3. Photography is a Cause for Celebration.

Here in Chicago, we are lucky to be spoiled with an incredible variety of activities and entertainment. However, humans are creatures of habit. Often, we fall into a routine pattern: where we go, what we do, and who we meet. By gifting a photo session, you enrich a person’s life with a whole new tradition that marks and celebrates their life. Photography does not necessarily have to be for an event such as a wedding or birthday; it can be an event of its own. A person’s life is a series of events (big and small) and there is always – always! – a reason to celebrate. Whether it is career growth, pregnancy, graduation, romance, anniversaries – photography allows the person to relive the moment countless times over many years, rather than let the memory fade and be forgotten. This is why so many people who have had a photo session come back for more: once you experience the perfect set of professional photographs, you realize

Happy sisters

4. Professional photos to gain self-confidence!

Beautiful photos taken by a professional allow you to see yourself (contemplate yourself!) at your best. What better way to boost the self-confidence of a friend or family member who lacks confidence in themselves and their abilities? While this may seem narcissistic at first, it is actually the opposite.

This is not a time to admire yourself and overflow with narcissism, but a time to let go and to gain self-confidence. Offering a family or friends photo shoot with a professional photographer is THE way to please by offering a moment of good humor that your friend can enjoy to feel beautiful, strong, in short: better in his shoes.

We don't judge people who go to therapy and take care of their mental health. Well, it's the same: you offer your friend or family member a moment to boost his self-confidence and this, why not, on the long term and not only during and a little while after the photo shoot.

Business photo shoot

5. A memory engraved in your mind: more than a gift, an experience!

The human brain is capable of great things. Among them, storing our happiest memories! When you offer a photo shoot, you are offering more than a moment of relaxation and good mood, you are offering a unique experience! Even if the photographer does several photo shoots a week, your experience will be unique, just like you.

And, when our memory is no longer infallible, there are always photos to remember that unique day celebrating an important event. To mark an important event, you can also offer an outdoor photo shoot in your favorite places. This will personalize your gift even more. Guaranteed effect to spend a friendly and relaxing moment in laughter and good humor!


6. Professional Photography is Therapeutic.

Gifts that help us improve are the best gifts. You could try your luck with gym or cooking class certificates, but then you risk involuntarily gifting a sense of guilt. Maybe it’s not their thing, or maybe they don’t have time to commit. In contrast, a photography session is easy and universal: they show up, have fun, and get results. And, the result is more than it might seem. Photo sessions help people relax, accept, and rediscover themselves. First, a professional photographer is your personal therapist at the time of shooting. Their job is not only to make you look good - but to make you feel good too. Second, seeing our most precious emotions, achievements, and relationships captured in a picture helps us put our everyday worries in perspective and focus on what really matters. And finally, imagine how different your home feels when its walls and shelves are decorated with beautiful portraits of you and your loved ones.

Wall display

7. A Photo Session is a Universal Gift.

A professional photography certificate is a universal gift that you can give to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are gifting a photography certificate to your spouse, friend, or colleague; it can be as personal or as official as your relationship. The recipient has the flexibility to make the photo session whatever they want it to be.

A business person may be too busy to think about quality portraits until they get it as a gift. On the contrary, many professionals yearn for the opportunity to get quality headshots for their LinkedIn, resume, or brand image. A woman, young or mature, would most certainly appreciate an opportunity to feel special and see herself through a professional photographer’s eyes. And, there is barely any need to explain how precious a gift a family or child photography session makes.

Happy memories

8. The Gift of Photography is Ultimately a Three-in-One.

First, the recipient is amused and surprised when they receive the photography certificate. There are anticipation and excitement - just like any other gift.

Second, they get a memorable, unique experience. Often, people do not realize how fun a photo shoot is until they experience it first-hand. They may come prepared to suffer through it in search of a great photo – but they leave with a big smile on their face.

Third is the result. The anticipation of a sneak peek right after the shoot; choosing favorite photos; and having a final gallery delivered. Whatever type of photo shoot they select – whether a new profile picture or a framed print on the wall – it is made to last.

Family reunion in Chicago

Bonus: photography does not stop giving when you receive your photos. In addition to enjoying the pictures yourself, you can gift them to parents, friends, or other loved ones. Then, they can receive joy from having a memory of you hung on their wall or displayed on their table. Photography is truly a far-reaching gift!

One thing is for certain: no matter who the person is, a photography certificate is a gift they can turn into their perfect experience.

Pet photo shoot

We have only detailed here eight reasons to offer a photo shoot but know that there are many more! Each person is unique and there are as many reasons to offer a photo shoot as there are personalities in the world.

Whether it is as a couple, with your best friend, your friends or simply for yourself (yes, self-gifts count), the most important thing is to have fun and have a good time to relax and forget the routine for the time of the session in all carefree.

I hope I gave you a few ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Make sure to check out my photography certificate options 😉


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