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Five reasons to book a summer photo session | Chicagoland family photographer

Many times when you think of scheduling your yearly photo session, you think Fall- September-November. Although the changing leaves are a beautiful backdrop here in Chicagoland, it is not the only time for photos! Summer is such a wonderful option, and I’m here to tell you my top five reasons why!

  1. Life is a slower pace!

Fall is such a busy time with school starting up again, the return of sports and after school activities, and all the Holidays. It can be stressful to try and fit in a photos session. However, for many of us in the summer, there’s a slower pace with longer, lazier days. Sure, you have a few trips here and there, but I bet there are more free weekends and days on that calendar. Plus, with the longer summer evenings, there’s more time to fit in your session.

With grandson

2. Outfits are easier to plan for summer photos.

Fall sessions can mean lots of layers because of the cooler temperatures, which means having to coordinate more clothing items. Even if shopping is one of your favorite things to do, it can feel burdensome planning outfits for the entire family. Summer time is warm, meaning less clothing, so it will be easier to pick out outfits! I think of flowy dresses, baby rompers, and bare feet! I think this makes for much easier planning.

Happy family

3. That golden hour-need i say more!

You may have heard of golden hour (the time right before and right after sunset) before, it’s highly talked about in the photography world! Although golden hour happens year round, there’s just nothing quite like those summer sunsets! The sky is literally on fire and magically lit up. Golden hour in the Fall can be beautiful too, but way more unpredictable as clouds roll in more often.

Chicago backdrop

4. Change it up to summer photos.

If you’ve always had family photos done in the Fall, consider changing it up! I have Fall images of my family on the walls and I’m even wanting something different. The muted Fall colors are beautiful, but they last for such a short season in Chicago. The beautiful, lush green of summer lasts from May-September, so a longer time to get that photo shoot in;)

Happy boy

5. Flexibility in location in the summer!

When you book a summer session, there is an abundance of options to hold your session at. With lakes and creeks being options since it’s warmer, it opens up areas you might not want to shoot at in the Fall. Also, your own property in the summer (like this family’s session!) adds such a magical and personal touch to your photos. If you’re not worrying about getting the perfect colorful leaves in your background, why not capture you where you spend the most time, your backyard! Your photos will be more meaningful and you will be less stressed, leaving the travel to me :)


After all of that, I hope I have convinced you to at least consider booking your summer family photo session! I still have some availability left. If you are interested in a summer family session or in giving a loved one the gift of a summer family session this year,  I’d love to hear from you!

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