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5 Incredible Reasons to Watch a Sunset or Sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises are romantic, uplifting, and perfect for Instagram, yet most of us only make time for them when we're on vacation. To appreciate the soothing, gorgeous, and life-changing moments of a sunset or sunrise, you don't have to be in an exotic location devoid of obligations.

Sunset. Lakawon Island. Philippines

Every day, no matter where you are, the sun rises and sets. I'll say it again: Every. Single. Day. So there's no reason why you shouldn't spend a few minutes to add some magic to your day and enjoy it.

Sunset. Golden Bridge, San Fransisco, CA

Even as a Chicagoan, I recall seeing that, despite the city's size (with 130 skyscrapers), the sunset and sunrise had the potential to bring countless of the city's 2.7 million residents to a halt, reminding them of how beautiful life can be when you choose to view it.

Sunset, Chicago

If that isn't enough to persuade you, here are five more reasons why you should set aside time to watch the sunset or sunrise:

Sunset. Fox Lake, WI

1. It will make you feel better.

Are you feeling #goodvibes? Please add me to the list. Sunsets and sunrises, according to research, provide a variety of psychological effects that improve long-term pleasure in life, as well as physical advantages and have been shown to decrease stress. So, the next time you're having a bad day, take a drive to your favorite area and watch your concerns vanish.

Sunset. Vilnius, Lithuania

2. It motivates you to go outside.

It's not called magic hour for nothing. Even if you have to return to the office later, taking a few minutes out of your day to experience some of the breath-blowing moments of a sunset or sunrise will be well worth it. Nature is a natural source of nourishment for the soul, and only 10 to 20 minutes of fresh air may leave you feeling revitalized and centered.

Sunrise. Bryce Canyon, Utah

3. It will motivate you.

Sunsets and sunrises are a perennial source of inspiration for poets, authors, and romantics alike for a reason. When integrated into one's daily or weekly life, the timeless and powerful experience has a transcending spiritual element that can have a positive, therapeutic, creative, and restorative influence. Allow the mysterious colors of the sky to inspire you to create the most beautiful image of your life.

Sunrise. Tulum, Mexico

4. It will make you more appreciative of the planet.

Beauty adds meaning to life and makes it more enjoyable. It has been scientifically shown that witnessing the dawn or sunset increases your gratitude for the world. When you're caught up in the natural beauty of the Earth (such as a sunset or sunrise), you lose track of time and feel more satisfied and grateful for what's going on in front of you.

Sunrise. Kalgin Island. Alaska

5. It slows down the passage of time.

Many people will agree that the warm colors of the sunset or sunrise have the ability to stop anyone in their tracks. Give your divided focus to the painting that is mysteriously being formed right in front of your eyes after you have your Instagram-worthy photo. You are completely immersed in the moment and time slows down when your attention is entirely grabbed by the awe-inspiring colors of the sky. It's a type of meditation that allows you to cleanse your thoughts of everything else going on in the world.

Sunset. Lake Michigan

I've found that whether I'm on my vacation, spending time with my friends on the boat, or purposely driving to an area where I can stop and enjoy the sunset, I always make the time to take a photo of it.

Every day of our life, Earth provides us with this free gift. Get out there and receive this wonderful, plentiful gift!


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